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About Us

Every Jew belongs in Yeshiva!

That's our motto. That’s what we’re all about. Yeshiva Ner Boruch/Passaic Torah Institute (PTI) is a yeshiva for working people and their families. Many, if not most, of our talmidim did not have the chance to be nurtured in Yeshivos growing up. Some spent some full-time learning in Israel, but many just became observant by being a guest at a Shabbos table!

What unites everyone here is the desire to get the “real thing.” Beginner or advanced, man or woman, single or married, everyone is wanting to dig deep into the wells of Torah.

Torah is a treasure. It’s an inheritance. You demand a lot of yourself at work and with your family. You want to do that in your Torah study also. Come to us to claim this treasure by walking through the doors of Yeshiva Ner Boruch - PTI with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and dig deep into the details of the Gemara, with the Rishonim and Acharonim.

Whether it’s learning through chavrusos or guided by top-notch Rabbeim who are there each night, leading groups at multiple levels, everyone at PTI works on solid, specific goals and is given the tools to really accomplish.

During “breaks” in the year, we even have lively learning programs for kids and teenagers to learn with us.

Come join our fast-growing family. Our doors are open.

Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784